Friday, 18 January 2013

Editing a picture on Pixlr

I know that sometimes over editing a picture to make yourself look better is not a good thing. However, it's a good trick to know how to do. Whether it's removing that spot you had or simply brightening your photos, it can enhance and make they better.
Click HERE to be directed to, an amazing website I use for my photos. There's no download needed!

Editing out spots and redness
This is so simple on pixlr. All it takes is a few clicks, not precision and editing skills.

When you've added the picture you want to use, go to adjustments and then touch up. Make sure you've got spots selected and have the brush size about 40 depending on how much you want to remove. Simple click on the spots you want wiped out and they should vanish!

Shrinking and enlarging 
This technique is a little more sneaky than the last. Go to adjustment again and this time click on liquify. Play around with the shrink and enlarge tool by clicking on the parts you want to edit bigger or smaller. Be careful though because too much can look unrealistic. You can use it to enlarge eyes, decrease nose and face size, puff out lips and more.

Use the airbrush tool to remove fuzziness and make skin appear smoother. Brush it around on the pixelated area. 

Teeth Whitening 
Lots of people are insecure about smiling with teeth because they're afraid their teeth aren't as white as the ones in magazines. Pixlr, however, does have a 'Teeth white' tool.
Select this tool in 'adjustments' and make the 'whitening' about 60-70 (you don't want them snow-white!) and drag the tool across your teeth.

Play around with pixlr, it's perfect and has loads of tools to sharpen, colour and more on your pictures. Happy editing!
PS the models used are off the internet :')

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